About us

How it started

The idea of Catadesk, a SaaS based end-to-end solution for auction houses was born early 2019 and first put into production in July 2019.

Together with a launching customer, we cotinued to build out Catadesk, when in March 2020 all auction houses, antique stores and markets and many other places where arts & antiques were traded closed due to COVID-19 restrictions in The Netherlands.

Again, together with a launching customer, we rapidly decided to build a platfrom that allowed the traditional auction process to take place over the internet.

When we launched the online auction platform in July 2020, this opened the auction house up to bidders from a greater area that were suddenly prepared to participate in an auction online. Providing more value for the auction house, buyers and sellers, while honoring and maintaining the experience of non “digital natives”.

The future

We continouously work on building excellent software for auction houses. The scope of such a software suite is enormous and we are still finding the sweet spot for our ERP product. We are however a rapidly developing software start-up and are open to partnership and opportunities when it comes to exploring new business models.


We are looking to raise 300k EUR in the first quarter of 2022. The funds will be used to pay for building out the platform & team and building a steady lead generation and sales pipeline.

Our mission

Opening up the world of antique trading for digital transition while honoring and maintaining the experience of non-“digital natives”.

Our vision

To be the go-to solution for companies that interact with transactions surrounding antique, arts and other one-off objects and are looking to develop a digital proposition.