Empowering auctioneers

In a nutshell

Catadesk is an end-to-end software solution for auction houses. Manage buyers, sellers, lots, bids and your catalogue through the Catadesk backoffice and see: Higher efficiency, better auction results and new income streams.

Old way

  • Multiple systems to manage
  • Offline focus
  • Compliance is expensive
  • Non-data-driven

New way

  • "Single Source of Truth" in the cloud
  • Online empowerment
  • Compliant by design
  • Real-time insights


CRM for buyers & sellers

Manage your relations the way they deserve. Catadesk provides you with a CRM for your business' buyers and sellers.

Website & CMS

Your catalogue deserves an efficient and beautiful website. Get found, recruit sellers and accept bids through your own website and domain, served by Catadesk.

Auction & catalogue management

Whether you organise online or physical auctions, or a combination of the two; Catadesk allows you to rapidly build and promote your catalogue.

Dashboard for buyers & sellers

Sellers submit items for review and track their lots. Buyers place bids and follow their status. Payout sellers. Have buyers pay invoices. All through your company's customer dashboard by Catadesk.

Invoicing, administration & payments

Get paid by buyers, pay your sellers. Catadesk provides and invoicing and payments system that knows buyer fees and seller fees.

KYC & compliance tools

As an auction house, you deal with a broad range of customers. You also perform complex financial transactions. Using Catadesk, you are one step ahead when it comes to regulations.

Marketing & automation tools

Your auction house's history of auctions, catalogues and lots are a marketing asset. This data can be used to find new buyers and sellers for your auctions' lots using online marketing and marketing automation tools by Catadesk.

Safe & secure

Keep your and your customers' data safe with state-of-the-art security methods and access control.

Work with Catadesk

Catadesk is a web based solution. Meaning every auction house can use our software as an end-to-end solution, or use just some of our features within their own system.

If you represent an active auction house or want to start one and want to know more about our software, please fill in the form to the right (or bottom on mobile devices). Or send an e-mail to

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